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This one is dedicated to
Frank "Hurricane" Hines
and our veterans.

This one is dedicated to Frank “Hurricane” Hines and our Veterans - with a bit of Lobos, occasional Harley club bash and good old family gathering thrown in...Stripes Biscuit Co. has been 40 years in the making; you CAN feel it, but the TASTE is what you will remember.

Stripes Biscuit Co. Grand Opening was Feb. 15, 2018. They are proud of their huge portions (huge is an understatement) of delectable homemade dishes. The salads come in full and half portions. The meats are slow cooked and piled high on fresh hand tossed biscuits or biscuit waffles. The gravies, sauces, sides and dressings are special recipes labored over for many years ending in perfection. You will taste the labor of love in every last morsel!

The biscuits are made daily several times with whipped frozen butter crystals and the waffles and french toast are made with the hand tossed biscuit dough. The bacon is candied and doubled smoked. The sausage is made and spiced from scratch. The holandaise is made fresh for each order of Eggs Benedict.